The Latest Events of Innovation Club

We regularly organize events to maintain a healthy technical decorum in the The LNMIIT. Our events are completely based on application of critical intellectual thoughts.

Upcoming Events

15.09.2014 Idea to InnovateStage to Ideate!

04.09.2014 Orientation Program of Y14 BatchIntroductory presentation of Innovation Club to Y14 students.

22.01.2014 TIE SeminarSeminar on Market Analysis and Innovative Marketing Strategy by TIE Members

01.11.2013 GreenovatorsProblems would be given to different teams related a section of industries and they have to come up with green and eco-friendly ideas.

28.10.2013 Speed Boat
Teams will be provided with a set of tasks and items to identify problems in it.

06.10.2013 Tie Event-SmashupThe event is intended to bring all the young startup Companies, primarily based in Rajasthan under the same roof and help them get connected with Investors, mentors and fellow entrepreneurs from various industry sectors enabling cross learning and opportunities to collaborate or even build teams.

18.09.2013 Workshop on Ideation to execution
Workshop on ideation to execution was organised to guide the students about how to think an idea and take it on to a right way to implement in the real world.

27.08.2013 Crossword PuzzleCrossword puzzle of words related to latest technology products,famous companies and their executive officer.

22.08.2013 Orientation Program of Y13 BatchIntroductory presentation of Innovation Club to Y13 students as well as IT&G group presentation

Latest Happenings

  • Innovation Club - Introductory talk (4th Sept 2014)

  • Idea to Innovate event (15th Sept 2014)


Innovation is conversion of ideas into cash.So start using your grey cells of the brain,think and seed some new product.If you have any then write us on


Depending on the availability of resources,Select best out of all ideas and start proceeding in the direction to enact it.Pursuit the ways in which it can be made possible.


Work Hard,take the help from our wise and experienced advisory council and get prepared for bringing bacon to the home.Lead the world and become next gen innovator.